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Preferred Partner Program

All Med Search introduces a revolutionary plan with the aim of equipping healthcare executives to win the war on talent

Depending on how many jobs you need filled, this plan could reduce your annual recruiting fees by 20% or more, while vastly improving the quality and results of your healthcare organizations recruiting strategy.

Plan Basics:

The client company retains All Med Search on a monthly basis for a fee which covers placements made during the course of the consulting relationship. This fee will include one monthly telephone consultation with your managers from our Certified Employee Retention Specialist, Nadia Gruzd.

As a Preferred Partner, your invoices for placed candidates are discounted by 5% per employee placed. For 24+ anticipated placements over a year (average 2 placements per month), invoices are discounted by 7.5% per candidate placed. For an agreed upon monthly fee, based on anticipated needs over the year, All Med Search will fill your vacancies during a 12-month period and the monthly fees will accrue and be credited towards each placement. If a client company anticipates more than six placements over a one year period, we can look at an RPO project and adjust the monthly fee accordingly. While retainers are non-refundable, any balance at the end of the year can be carried forward to the following year and credited towards the next years placements for as long as our contract remains in place. The term of the Preferred Partner Plan is one year, but may be cancelled by either party with thirty days written notice. During the one-year term of the agreement, all placements or successful referrals and all work associated therewith would be considered to be work performed under contract.

Initially, All Med Search and our client jointly develop a Client Profile Description utilizing existing written materials as well as personal interviews conducted with the principals in the company. This profile delineates the position of the company in the marketplace, identifies key strengths and challenges facing the organization as well as the key components of the current organizational structure.

This document then serves to guide our future research activities and evaluation of candidates. Key information it contains is also made available to prospective candidates and referral sources. The client has the opportunity to review this document and to make any modifications they deem appropriate.

All Med Search then works with the client to identify and prioritize the key search assignments within the organization. We also seek to gain an understanding of the client’s key team building and succession planning objectives.

Benefits of the plan:

Each client partnership team works under the guidance of Nadia Gruzd. Nadia has been awarded as one the best Healthcare Talent Acquisition Expert in the nation. She has been recognized internationally as an award winning recruiter, she is a member of the Pinnacle Society (the nation's top 75 recruiters) and has been named as California's Staffing professional of the year. Nadia is also a Certified Employee Retention and Specialist and has served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Personnel Services.

Managing multiple vendors can be overwhelming. We are affiliated with the American Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters a nationally recognized Healthcare Recruiting Group with a network of 400 recruiters, covering an wide array of healthcare specialties. By subscribing to our monthly engagement program you then also get a vendor management system built into the program thereby further streamlining your recruitment process.

Higher Productivity at a lower cost:

We get to know our clients inside and out: This knowledge not only helps us attract talent, but it also enables us to recognize the needs and unique candidate profiles required to meet key objectives.

The Power of Perception:

A company’s ability to attract top talent is linked inextricably to their reputation and standing within an industry. Do you know what your recruiters are saying about you? The Preferred Partner Plan ensures a unified, well focused, consistent presentation of the client company within the industry.

Optimal Efficiency:

The Preferred Partner Plan eliminates the need for clients to educate and inform a myriad of recruiters for each successive position.

Increased Savings and Greater Value:

Preferred Partner clients can save 50% or more on recruiting fees by utilizing a win/win strategy of economy.

Improved Proficiency:

As we get to know our clients (what they want, what they like, what they don’t like, what their operational challenges are, etc.) we become even more proficient in the search process delivering successful results more quickly.

True Partnership:

The Preferred Partner Plan focuses on the relationship with our clients – not just the fee at the end of a single placement.

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